Finding Balance

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It seems everyone is looking for a magic pill. That one easy fix they can do before going to bed so they can wake up in their ideal body. Boy, wouldn’t that be great? I would totally be in. Unfortunately, this has not yet been invented. But, I’ll let you in on a little secret. The reason this blog is named Fitness Getz Easy, aside from the fact that Getz is my last name and that’s kinda catchy, is that it actually IS easy. Stay with me here. If you eat foods that are genuinely nutritious, 90% of the time and work out several days a week, you WILL start noticing a difference. The difference won’t just be in your appearance, but also in the way you feel. Easy peasy, right? Wrong!

But, Chrystal, you said this would be easy?! Here’s the problem a lot of people run into – they don’t have time. There’s no time to work out. There’s no time to cook nutritious meals. There’s no time, there’s no time, there’s no time. I’m here to call BS! We all have the same 24 hours in our day. Why do some have time to work out while others don’t? It’s a matter of priorities and finding that balance in your life.

I realize there are most certainly extenuating circumstances. However, if you are telling me you don’t have time to work out, yet you can outline every episode of The Bachelor, you’re lying to yourself. You are not only lying to yourself but you’re also cheating yourself out of something you truly deserve.

Everyone is busy. Your busy may look different from my busy, but it’s all relative. Most of us feel overwhelmed a good amount of the time, so we put ourselves on the back burner. However, if your boss asked you to stay late for an important meeting, would you make time for it? If your child asked for some snuggle time, even if you were in the middle of something, would you do it? If your significant other wanted to go out for some alone time, would you make sure you had the time? If your mom called and needed your help on a Saturday morning while your whole house seemed to be falling apart around you, would you still go? I’m guessing the answer to most of these questions is yes. Why? Because these relationships are important to us. We make time for people who are important to us and sometimes even people who aren’t. So, why can’t we make time for ourselves? We should be just as important to ourselves as we are to others. The reason they want and need our time, is because we ARE important.

It comes down to finding balance. With everything you do, ask yourself is what I’m doing right now important? Will it get me closer to my goals? What are my goals?

Really look at how you spend your time for just one week. See where the extra time is going. Did you blow an hour on-line shopping and didn’t buy anything? Did you blow time on Facebook? Did you read a blog that’s interesting to you, but not necessarily something that gets you closer to your goals? (Let’s be honest, I’m guilty of both the Facebook and blog trap. I’ve lost hours reading them out of complete boredom. Logged off, and then logged right back on because I was bored! If only I had worked out instead of sitting on my butt all those hours, I can only imagine the difference in my fitness! Now I log in, catch up with my peeps, and get off.)

What are you willing to sacrifice in order to carve out time for yourself? That’s not to say we can’t do things like get on Facebook, follow our favorite celebs on twitter, play video games, etc. But if you truly “don’t have time” and you are looking for ways to get fitness in your life, set your goals. Discover what is truly important to you. Get rid of the time wasters you could easily give up. Once you are able to utilize your time and fit in the things that you formerly only “wish” you had time for, it will seem easy! Not only that, but you won’t have to feel guilty spending that time on yourself. You are worth investing quality time into. Focus on the things that help you get closer to that and find your balance.

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  1. Love it! I went through this a year ago and realized how much time I was wasting playing a video game online several times a day. I immediately quit. Not only did it free up the time, but I learned after the fact how stressful the game actually was!


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