Repeat After Me

Yes, I’m talking to you. Say this out loud to yourself, right now!

1. Today I will only eat when I’m hungry. Not because I’m bored, stressed, or just because it tastes good.

2. Today I will accept myself exactly where I am because in order to get where I’m going, I have to appreciate where I’ve been and where I am.

3. Today I will stop making excuses. I will not wait for tomorrow. I will not wait until my schedule clears, I graduate, I get my dream job, my kids are out of school, my kids are in school….whatever excuse I can think of. Stop it now! There will always be an excuse. There may not be a tomorrow.

4. Today I will stop being hard on myself for not working out like an Olympian. I will push past my own comfort zone and applaud myself for that hard work.

5. Today I will look in the mirror and say “you’re AWESOME!”. And mean it.


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