Controlled Chaos

I used to look at those parents that run themselves ragged every night of the week carting their children here and there for this activity or that and think, “I would never do that”. I wouldn’t do that to myself or to my kids. I wouldn’t want my life to be that busy and I wouldn’t want my kids to not have any down time.

Now fast forward to reality where I’m actually a parent and I find myself walking in the door at 9pm from a long day of work and swim practice. And here I am….right in the middle of my own suburban chaos. I’ve lost control. I don’t even know if my kids have done their homework. I can’t remember their teacher’s name or if I even packed them lunch for that day. Frankly, I’m too afraid to even ask.

It’s overwhelming at times. I mean, I write about fitness and nutrition. People ask my advice about the right way to eat and how to fit in exercise. And I have ALL the right answers. I know exactly what to eat, when to eat, and how to fit exercise into an impossible schedule. I can also tell you that at 9pm when I’m still wearing high heels, my 10 year old is dripping in chlorine, and nobody has clean underwear because there’s been no time for laundry, we’re eating cereal for dinner and my work out is making it up the stairs to my bed.I feel a lot of pressure to be a “perfect example”. But I’m not perfect. And neither are you.

You know what? That’s okay. I’ve learned to forgive myself and you should too. Okay, I still totally cuss myself out when I slip up. But I’m not pissed at myself  as long as I used to be.  Some days ARE total chaos. Some days you can’t possibly fit in a work out if you were being paid to. (Okay, maybe if you were being PAID to.) Nothing sounds better than a drive thru meal and some crappy reality tv. This should not and CAN NOT deter you from moving forward.

Controlling the chaos means acknowledging some days are just crazy and moving on. It does NOT mean you continue with the bad habits. Hitting the drive thru doesn’t give you permission to also finish off the Oreo’s. It’s a convenient excuse since you’ve already “blown it” but you haven’t actually blown it. You’ve slipped off track. Time to get back on. Forgive yourself and control the chaos. Have some low fat pudding instead of the Oreo’s. If you missed your Zumba class yesterday or didn’t go on the run you planned, it’s okay. Get back on track. Get active now. Walk, run, dance. Just move. Control your chaos.

The more control you have over your chaos, the less chaotic it will feel. Control the chaos. Do NOT let it control you!


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