Love Letters

We’ve all been there. King or Queen of Motivation. Nothing could make us miss a workout. We pushed ourselves harder than ever. We ran faster and longer. We lifted heavier. Our discipline was unwavering. Our willpower was stellar. Not even the yummiest of treats could sway us from our goals. People were in awe of our awesomeness. We talked about working out like we were Olympic champions and everyone wanted to know what we were doing.

Then BAM! The motivation is dead. Willpower is a distant memory. You don’t even know where your running shoes are. You forgot where the gym was and all the fruit in your fridge is growing mold. You eat junk food that doesn’t even taste that great, just because that’s what you used to do. You’re embarrassed to let friends, family, or co-workers see you eat your lunch because all you want is a big fried bucket of nasty.

How in the world is it possible to go from one extreme to the other basically overnight? First of all, it’s normal. It’s easy to get excited about a new workout plan or new healthy foods. The trouble with all this excitement is we go all out then fall flat on our face after it stops being new and exciting. Or we burn out from our workouts because we don’t change them up often enough.

Here’s an idea for you. Start writing little notes to yourself. For example, “Today I went to the gym and totally kicked ass. I lifted 10 pounds heavier than last time and surprised myself. I felt so powerful and strong. I feel so fit and amazing, like I can do ANYTHING!” When you just aren’t feeling a workout, read that note. Maybe it will inspire you to get to they gym or do a workout by remembering how fabulous you felt.

OR if you do skip a workout or eat something not so healthy, write yourself a note then as well. It would probably go a little something like this, “I skipped my workout yesterday. I was just too exhausted from life. So instead I went home and laid on the couch and watched TV. Then I got the munchies so I ate some Doritos. Just a little at first. Then I ended up polishing off the whole bag before The Real Housewives of New Jersey episode was even over. I hated that Doritos taste in my mouth so I chased it with some Twizzlers. There was only half a pack left, so I went ahead and finished that too. I didn’t want them to get stale in that open package. When I woke up this morning I felt like total crap. I didn’t have any energy, my skin felt gross, and I was totally bloated. Next time I think I’ll just go to the gym.”

Perhaps if you have these little love notes to yourself sitting around somewhere one of them will persuade you in the right direction the next time you’re “just not feeling” your workout.


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