An Unrecognizable Voice

You know how when you hear yourself on a recording it’s hard to even recognize your own voice? The way you sound on the audio is totally not what you sound like in your head. You may even ask friends or family, “is that what I really sound like?”.

We get so busy with our day-to-day lives and taking care of those around us, we stop recognizing our own voice just like on that audio. The voice that is our intuition, our “good angel” is no longer what we hear. We get so caught up in what we perceive others think of us, we lose sight of who we are and become that crazy perception (which is probably way off, by the way).

When we stop hearing our own voice, we stop being our true selves. When we begin to listen to others or allow outside influences to affect our voice, it becomes unrecognizable. That unrecognizable voice tells us:

You can’t do it.

You aren’t good enough.

You don’t deserve it.

Everyone is staring at you.

You aren’t strong enough.

Look how thin they are.

Look how fast they did it.

That voice you hear? That’s not really what you sound like. You CAN do it. You ARE good enough. You DO deserve it. Everyone IS staring at you. Wait, what? That’s right, they’re checking out how awesome you are. Because you ARE strong enough. Get back in tune with your REAL voice and listen. Really listen to how awesome you are.


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