Transformation into a Morning Person – Day 1

Image by Dalo_Pix2 via Flickr I am not a morning person. I have never been a morning person. I either sleep really, really hard or barely at all. Either way, I don't like to crawl out of my warm cozy bed until I'm darn good and ready. However, because my dang kids have decided to... Continue Reading →


Dustin Maher – America’s Trainer To The Moms

fitnessGETZeasy fans, Meet Dustin. Our very first guest blogger. He was kind enough to feature me on his website and now has written for our blog. Enjoy... I am Dustin Maher, America‚Äôs Trainer To The Moms. I am a leading expert on getting moms in shape. I have appeared 88 times on local and national... Continue Reading →

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