Moving Begets Motivation – Don’t Be a Klump

The Nutty Professor (1996 film)
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I am so pissed. At myself. Here’s the thing; I haven’t worked out in over a week. It started because I tweaked my back (I went one rep too many lifting a phenomenal amount of weight. I pushed my awesome a little too far.) In an effort to not injure it further, I decided to give it a rest. One day turned into three and the next thing you know, I’m on the couch eating like a former homeless person. I can practically feel my thighs expanding and my ass getting bigger. *Think Eddie Murphy in “The Nutty Professor”. POW! POW!

This made me re-discover something. I say RE-discover because, let’s face it, we all already know this…. Laziness begets misery. Misery begets bad eating, over eating, etc. And we all know that bad eating begets “The Nutty Professor” effect. You know what doesn’t beget misery? Moving. Moving begets motivation. Motivation begets momentum. Momentum keeps the motivation going. Think back to a time when you were working out very consistently (Or maybe you’re totally rockin’ it right now?! Whatever, show off. 🙂 ) You were achieving your goals. You were strength training. You were rocking your cardio sessions. It felt great. You were unstoppable. You never missed a scheduled workout and you felt like a rock star!!! Nothing could get in the way of your workouts.

Then you missed one. Something happened to throw your schedule off a little and you had to skip your workout. It sucked. You felt like crap. You were upset, but vowed you would make the next scheduled workout. Uh oh! Something else comes up. Dang it! Then the next scheduled workout you think, “well, I’m kind of tired today. I think I’ll just skip this one but then tomorrow it’s back on like Donkey Kong”. Guess what, Donkey Kong doesn’t show up. That’s when you land on the couch with the contents of your refrigerator and pantry laid out before you. With powdered sugar sprinkled across your face and potato chip crumbs down your shirt you vow this will be the last time you ever let this happen. This one last “feast” and then your back at it. But when you go to bed you can’t sleep. Your stomach hurts from all the food and you’re completely overwhelmed with guilt. You can’t believe you were doing so great and then fell off the wagon SO hard.

The good news is, it just takes ONE workout to get back on track. Do you know why? Because moving begets motivation. That first day back is going to suck. Oh yes it will. You will have a whole conversation in your head about why you can’t go to the gym today. Why tomorrow will be better. But you just have to go. Then go again. And then again. And before you know it, you’re a rock star again. You’re unstoppable. You’re feeling great! Just be careful with the weights. A little too heavy and you’re back on the couch like Professor Klump.


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