One Last Brownie

Strawberry & Chocolate Brownies.
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Tell me if this sounds familiar. “I’m just going to eat ONE MORE and then I’ll be done. Forever. No more brownies for me.” Except that one tastes so freaking good. And this is the last one you’re ever going to eat in your entire life. You did say “forever”. So clearly if you eat one more it won’t be a big deal because starting tomorrow you’re going to be perfect and never eat another. Those two turn into three, which turns into the whole pan. Yep, you ate the whole thing. And then pulled the mixing bowl out of the sink and licked that too.  But it’s okay because tomorrow you are brownie- free for life. Except you’re not…

See, here’s the problem. You aren’t going to give up brownies forever. It’s kind of like drinking too much and then getting sick. Sure you pray to be all better immediately with the promise of never drinking again. But, we all know how that turns out, right?

Unless you’re never faced with brownies (or insert your food kryptonite here) again, you WILL eat them. So, why torture yourself? ENJOY your food, don’t torment yourself with it. If you want a brownie, eat one. One. Enjoy every bite instead of thinking about whether or not you’re going to get another one the entire time you’re eating the first. While you’re contemplating seconds, you’re missing out on the deliciousness of the first. If you don’t enjoy the first one, you won’t be satisfied by it. This leads to eating the second one. After eating the second one you feel miserable and “punish” yourself by polishing off the rest.

Break this cycle. Enjoy your food.  Don’t eat like it’s your last supper. It’s not. There will be more brownies, more donuts, more chips, more… MORE. There will always be more. By approaching food with this attitude, you’ll be amazed at how gratifying “just one” can be.

Stop saying “tomorrow” you will make a change. Today is the “tomorrow” you promised yourself yesterday.


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  1. You are so right – my desperate mind wants me to believe I will NEVER have the opportunity to eat that ONE DELICIOUS THING I crave ever again if I want to stick to my diet. It is simply not true! You expressed the healthier attitude: Have ONE of what you want, not 5 (or 10! Think Oreos here…. 😦 ) I appreciate your pragmatism regarding eating treats – thank you!


  2. This will probably be weird to admit, but I’ve never considered me over-eating the same as over-drinking and dealing with the hangover the next day. I’ve never been one to drink until I get sick, but I am one who used to drink (fairly regularly) until I felt terrible the next day. I finally decided that I could have a good time drinking a few drinks (rather than more than several) and still be functional the next day. It was actually a seamless transition and I don’t miss the over-indulging. Although I still occasionally make a conscious decision to drink way too much.

    This is what I need to do with food! I’ve never said, “This is the last , ever” but I do try to tell myself I have to eat healthy. I need to have the same mindset with eating as I do with drinking. It’s OK to have a little when I really want to (I don’t go out everyday, or even every week), but having too much will ruin my results. Just like drinking ruined my Sunday. 😉

    Good advice!!


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