Enjoying the Journey

Wagon Queen Family Truckster (5 of 5)Recently I was watching The Today Show and they were doing one of their concert series. A woman video taping the concert was watching it through the camera instead of watching the singer on the stage. I thought to myself, although she’s documenting the concert to watch over and over, she could have just dvr’d it at home and more than likely would have had better footage. Did she really experience the concert while watching it through a camera or was she too busy recording it for later?

That very same day I had a conversation with another very busy mom friend of mine and she said she’s so busy cleaning, working, running, etc that she wonders if she’s missing out on the “journey”. Is it possible we’re so busy on our journey that we’re missing the awesome little things on the way? What if we missed out on a potentially fabulous conversation with our kid because we were too busy worrying if the kitchen counter was clean enough? Did we cut a conversation with our spouse too short because we were so busy trying to get the kids loaded up in the car to be shuffled to their next activity? The conversation with our child or our spouse is the journey. The kitchen counter can wait. You can be a minute or two late to practice. We are so busy doing, we aren’t living. Embrace the moments along the way. Those are the moments it’s all about.

I read a lot of health and fitness blogs and weight loss is often referred to as a “journey”. (I know I’ve done it.)  The thing is a journey has a destination. If you were on a journey to a family vacation to an amusement park, the park is obviously your destination. Most people on the weight loss journey think their destination is a number. Usually a number on a scale or in a pair of designer jeans. If that’s your destination what happens when you arrive? Maintenance is its very own journey. So, your journey is never really over. It’s just a new day on your road trip to Wally World – be glad you’re driving and not Clark Griswold.

It’s time we stop looking at our quest for health as a journey that will end. The journey never ends. “Diet” implies temporary. What? You’re going to eat crappy again when you reach your destination? Your journey should be discovering new, fabulous foods that you enjoy. Deprivation? Well, that doesn’t work. If you have a food you absolutely love, indulge in it. occasionally.

You shouldn’t think you can stop working out when you get to your magic number. You can’t. Not if you want to stay there.  Instead of working out like crazy thinking you can’t WAIT to let up when you reach your goal, think about the muscles you’re working. Enjoy the definition you see in each muscle as a result of the different types of exercise. Discover what YOUR body best responds to. Learn to listen to your body. Discover a new sport you love. You may be surprised to learn that you’re a fantastic runner or a kick ass kick boxer. Trust me, couch potatoes can be transformed into athletes.

Enjoy every day. Enjoy every moment. Don’t cheat yourself out of the “journey”. Stop “doing” and start living. Enjoy the ride, even if you feel like you’ll never get out of that beat up station wagon and poor grandma is tied to the roof.


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