Valuing Others More Than You Value Yourself

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Remember not so long ago when I vowed to become a morning person? Well, I’m still not a morning person. My alarm goes off early every single morning. And every single morning I turn it off and roll over for the best sleep ever for the next hour and a half. Without fail, I always end up regretting it at some point during the day. Regret typically sets in when my workout time gets blown off because something unexpected came up. By the time I deal with said “unexpected event” I’m “too tired” to work out. How pitiful is that?

Last month because of a work project I had to wake up an hour and a half earlier than normal. Yes, a whole hour and a half. For three days in a row. Guess what? I did it. I didn’t like it. At all. But, I did it. I was on time (mostly) and accomplished what needed to get done. I didn’t die or even kill anyone for that matter. I thought, “wow, I made it. I should totally be able to do this for myself.” Guess what I did the first day the project was over? Sleep in. The next day? You guessed it. I valued my commitment to my job more than I valued my commitment to myself. Wow. Until just now when I wrote that, I didn’t realize how much that totally sucks. Sadly, I know I’m not alone. I hear all the time “I don’t have time to work out”. These are the same people who are at every school function, every game, and every birthday party.

Why do we put everyone around us first? By putting others first, we’re most often putting ourselves last. We can’t continue to do that. Whether it’s working out, finishing a degree, enjoying a hobby, or anything else you’ve put off because your day is filled with doing for others it’s time to commit to yourself. Maybe you’ll have to get up a little earlier (oh Lord, help me). Maybe stay up a little later. Or perhaps even send store-bought cookies instead of home-made (GASP!). Do not value your commitment to others more than you value your commitment to yourself.

What specific commitment will you begin valuing right now?


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