My Pants Are Too Tight – Yes, I Said It!

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Just do it!

Just do it?! Ooooh! Well, why the hell didn’t someone tell me sooner? I had no idea it was that easy. Pardon me, while I suit up for the gym. Lacing up my shoes now. Catch ya later. I’m about to kill it. BOOM!

Yeaaaaah, NO! Let me lay it out for you. Here’s what I’m really doing. I’m finally breathing after I took off my pants that were too tight at work all day. I’m now in my glorious yoga pants. No worries, my butt looks fabulous. (“The wonder bra for your booty!”) I’ve skipped my workout (again) today. And I may or may not be eating vegetables. On my pizza.

What? You thought I was perfect because I’m a personal trainer? Oddly enough that certificate, although on a fine quality piece of paper does NOT provide motivation. Oh, I’ve tried to glean motivation from that little sucker. I’ve kissed it, rubbed it, sweet talked it and cussed it. Yet, nothing. Nada. While I do have the knowledge (and I’m crazy happy to have it), the motivation is apparently not included. Total rip off. Now that I think about it, I might ask for a refund. Do you know how frustrating it is to know all the “right things” to do, only to not actually do them? If you called, texted, or emailed me right now with a motivation problem I could motivate your ass right out of that slump! My mind has an endless supply of motivational quotes, nutrition information, and fitness tips. Except they don’t work on me. BOO! As Yoda says, “knowledge is not enough, you must apply”.

So I started wondering about other professionals. I wonder if a marriage counselor ever just yells at her husband for being a moron instead of telling him how he’s making her “feel”. Or if a chef has cereal for dinner. Or if a cop speeds (dude, you totally know they do).

I’m no more motivated than anyone else. Yes, I workout. I eat healthy (veggies count, even if they’re on pizza). I also fall into slumps and let my pants get too tight. Just because I’m spreading awesomeness all over the place doesn’t mean it’s not hard for me too. When you look at someone and think it must be easy for them, think again. You never know who might need a little motivation.

But, we’re all in this together people! We can help each other get, be, and stay motivated. So…just do it. BOOM!


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