Food Hangover

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Anyone else have a food hangover or is it just me? Yep, I indulged. Yep, my pants are beyond tight. In fact, I’m pretty sure my weight is up the highest it’s been in several years due to my recent rut and waaaay too many cookies. And puppy chow! (No, not the dog food.) Have you guys tried this desert? It’s has my two crack foods – powdered sugar and peanut butter. I totally ate my weight in this stuff. And respectfully declined when the chef of this magic deliciousness offered to let me take some home.

The good news is, every meal is a new opportunity to eat better. Every day is a new opportunity to do better. Instead of crawling into a hole and feeling sorry for myself, tomorrow I’m back in the gym. Instead of continuing down the road of overeating oblivion, I”m going to reign in my portions and eat like a person with some sense. Oh, and I’m not going to wait until January 1 to do it. There’s nothing magical about that date on the calendar. I won’t wake up with motivational mojo. My body won’t miraculously burn off cookies faster than before. So, why wait?

Let’s do this. Let’s get our butts in gear, recover from our food hangovers and back to our workouts. No more excuses. The shopping is done; the dinners are eaten. Let’s not wallow in it. Commit – to a better you. One decision, one meal, one day at a time.


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  1. Thanks for the very motivating kick in my cookie-laden butt! Everything you wrote is true – nothing magical happens just because the calendar reads ‘January 1.’ There is life after the puppy chow is exiled from the house! 🙂 Good riddance, and great new year ahead!


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