Dear Crabby Ass Self

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Dear Crabby Ass Self,
I’m writing to you from the future; at a time when you have your mojo. Right now you have no mojo whatsoever. You wouldn’t want to run even if the police were chasing you. The thought of your favorite spin class sounds more like torture than a good workout. The only things you’ve lifted in the last two weeks are donuts (in secret, of course). You feel like total crap and don’t see your way out of it. How will the motivation re-appear, you’re asking? WHEN will the motivation re-appear? Your pants are getting tight and you feel disgusting. Sure, it’s only been a week or two, but everything feels looser. Flabbier. Bleck! And you feel like a total fraud because you’re a personal trainer for heaven’s sake!

Good news, Crabby Ass Self! You’re just in a slump. Everyone gets in them. Even the people on facebook who seem perfect that you don’t even know, but stalk like it’s your job. Some slumps last longer than others. Some feel deeper than others. But, I promise you it will end. (And I’m from the future so I totally know what I’m talking about.)

Here’s how you busted the slump of December 2011. You went to the gym. You didn’t want to. At all. You felt like your workout was sub par, at best. And it was Christmas Eve. But on Christmas, you woke up sore so you knew you did something right. Unfortunately, you ate your weight in junk on Christmas afternoon. You found an excuse not to work out the next day. But that’s okay because you hit a 60 minute spin class on Tuesday. You kicked that spin bike’s ass. In fact, you were the ONLY person in class so you pretended that you were a professional athlete being trained by your coach. You worked harder than you’ve EVER worked in a spin class and coach added another song so you really worked out for 66 minutes! And it felt fantastic! You finally remembered how great it feels to sweat. Not during, of course, because that’s icky. But, the feeling of accomplishment after a killer workout is WHY you workout. And now you remember.

Oh, and you aren’t going to believe this…you got up at 4:55 AM the next day to do strength training with the hubs. Yes, AM, as in the morning time! I know, I know, it’s hard to believe.

The way you bust out of the next slump may be a little different. But, I promise you Crabby Ass, slumps are temporary. Feeling powerful, fierce, and amazing….well that’s addictive, so you’ll totally get back to it. Don’t worry. Just ride it out and you’ll be back in the gym in no time!

The REAL You


22 thoughts on “Dear Crabby Ass Self

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  1. THANK YOU! I could have written that…But you did it so beautifully, it’s 1 pm and I’m still in bed…not anymore this is the end of my #month slump. I cannot thank you enough!!!!


    1. Emma, it’s definitely temporary, it’s just hard to remember that while in the midst of it. Thank you for reading, and for the awesome comments. Let’s let Christmas be in the past and get up and start moving!


  2. Sometimes when you write, I think you are interviewing that little voice in my head! 🙂 When I struggle with motivation, I just need a little motivation to get my motivation back. And that’s not a good place to be because for me, it tends to turn into a spiral of self-hate, guilt, and eventually eating to make all of it go away (all the while pretending like it doesn’t matter or I don’t care). Also, unfortunately for me, my spirals don’t last just until my pants get tight. They last about 25-40 pounds. UGH. THEN it’s even harder to get back at it because I’m so out of shape and feel helpless.

    I need to write a letter to myself about how powerful I feel when I workout. How in control (I’m SO one of those control freaks) I feel. And how optimistic. Why do I make it such a struggle to stay there? Haha. I need therapy!


    1. Kelly, thank you so much for the compliment. Everyone does go through it. I’ve actually written about something like this before in a post titled “Love Letters”. Write a note to yourself when you’re feeling awesome. You can read that when you’re NOT feeling awesome. Also, write a note to yourself when you’re NOT feeling awesome. When you feel like skipping the gymn, read it. It might just be the motivation you need to get your workout in and keep your momentum going. 🙂


  3. Chrystal,
    I am totally in a slump… or should I say Huge Valley. My only reason for running right now would be if my house was on fire. Your energy is awesome though and you bring up one good point. When your picking yourself back up from a time when your down it’s not going to be “totally awesome” for a while and mostly just showing up is half of it. Thanks for your encouragement!!


  4. In this day and age, it’s really hard to not feel in a slump from time to time. As you stated, as long as we can get ourselves out of it then we are entitled to one here and there; just not all the time. Great post and I’m looking forward to more:))


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