Time Waits for No One

My family has had a digital camera for seven years. That means for the past seven years not many photos have been printed out. Instead, they have been downloaded online and we’ll occasionally pull up the website and take a look at them. For the last week or so, I’ve taken on the task of downloading all seven years’ worth of memories to a back up drive. (I know, can you believe I didn’t have this backed up until now?! DUH!) Almost seven thousand photos.

It’s an easy enough task. In fact, I have it running in the background while I go about my daily activity.  Every once in a while I’ll click over to make sure the photos are still downloading and it shows what photo is currently copying. Since there are seven thousand of them, obviously I don’t remember every one that was taken. When I look at them, my heart smiles and breaks at the same time. I see my now 10 year old daughter at her pre-K graduation. Her smiling little girl face that has now turned into that of a young lady. I knew even then that she’d be a model student, and she hasn’t disappointed. Then flashes up a photo of my seven year old as a baby with her fat little bald head and slobber everywhere, but with the same enormous blue eyes. She now has platinum blonde, curly hair that’s all the way to her butt (she stills slobbers some, but you didn’t hear it from me). The progression of Christmas photos with the huge differences in each girl from year to year are amazing. The transition of both from baby, to toddler, to little girl, to big girl, to pre-teen….just wow!

I’m sure most parents can relate when I say “it feels like just yesterday”. I feel old just saying that, but it’s so stinking true. I look at my girls now and I can’t believe how big they already are and I sure as hell can’t imagine them getting bigger. I know they will, but I sure don’t want them to. I want to freeze them right where they are. (Minus the eye rolls and attitudes, thank you very much.)

I hear people say, “I’m going to start tomorrow” when it comes to reaching their goals. Glancing through these photos has reminded me just how fast time goes by. You may say you’ll do something tomorrow, but then what if something else comes up? (I don’t want to ruin the ending for you, but something will always come up.) Don’t fall into this trap. If you’re going to start something, the time is NOW. Time won’t wait for you. The next thing you know it’s seven years later and you are the only one around you who is still the same.


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