Moderation…in Moderation – What Works For Me Wednesday

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Sometimes I eat crap. By crap, I mean cake, cookies, brownies, and donuts. Pizza, chips and dip, and anything with cheese. I have to. No, seriously, I do. If I don’t, my brain and body rebel and I eat the crap anyway except in incredibly ridiculous portions. It’s how I’m wired.

If I feel deprived, then I snuff out those feelings of deprivation with whatever it is I’m being deprived of. And when I say snuff them out, I mean hide out so no one can see just how much it takes to snuff it out. By eating the crap on occasion, and in moderation, my brain and body doesn’t feel deprived. I have a little (okay, sometimes a lot) of whatever it is I’m craving and then move on. Because I know the next time I want it, I can have it. That’s why it’s so important to me that nothing is forbidden.

Food shouldn’t be “bad”. It’s a thing. It’s incapable of being bad. Eating it doesn’t make me bad. It makes me human. Everything in moderation. Including…moderation. That’s what works for me.


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