Ceasing Ridiculous Opportunities – What Works For Me Wednesday

I took my youngest daughter to the doctor the other day. It seemed like it was taking forever for the doctor to come in. My daughter had stolen my phone so she could play games to entertain herself. Of course, this left me with nothing to do. I’ve adapted quite well to this new age of “instant gratification” so before she could even log in to Temple Run I was bored out of my head. I could have been checking work email, facebook, blog stats. You know, super productive stuff. Instead I was just sitting there looking at the brochures telling me why vaccines are important. YAWN! So I got up and started doing lunges. And squats.

I’m not sure what was more weird. The fact that I was doing lunges in this little room the size of a small walk in closet or that my daughter didn’t even bat an eye. So, while lunging (is that a word?), I’m like, “Hey, do you think it’s weird mommy is lunging right now?” She said, “what will you do when the doctor comes in?” I told her I would stop. She said, “well, maybe you could teach her if she doesn’t know how.” Unfortunately I was all done by the time the doctor came in. Otherwise, perhaps we would have gotten in a little exercise together (hey! Do you think they’d take that off my co-pay?).

I also do squats when I brush my teeth. It felt silly at first. Even in my own bathroom. My husband has caught me doing it as have both my kids. I always kind of pause and wait for confirmation that I have indeed lost my mind. But they just continue on with what they are doing and so do I. We’re busy people. We have to take these opportunities as they come. And Lord knows we have perfected the art of multi-tasking.

Do you squeeze in any kind of exercise during otherwise mundane parts of your day?


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