Sellout or Money Making Genius?

If you see your favorite celebrity trainer hocking a new product or pill do you run out to get it or do you wonder, “what the hell are they thinking?” Of course, it obviously depends on the product but I have definitely have had some WTF moments with some of these people.

I think workout DVDs are fantastic! If you respect someone you’ve seen in a magazine or on TV and they are also pretty awesome to look at, I think it’s fantastic if you workout “with them”. Heck, I think anything that gets people moving is fabulous!

I also totally love the books. Yeah, of course I’m a voracious reader so I’ll read just about anything. And a lot of these books don’t necessarily provide any new information, but sometimes it is presented in a new way. Have you ever had that “aha” moment when something finally clicked? It may not have clicked because anything new was said, but in how it was said. So, if you read a book that finally puts something together for you, I’m totally down with that.

Pills. Ugh. The term “magic pill” comes to mind. If these trainers are good enough to have become famous, I have to think they know what they’re doing. That means they obviously know there is no magic pill,Β  just hard work and smart eating choices. So, why do they do it? Okay, money, I get that. But doesn’t that almost seem like giving up? Are they saying, “okay, these people will never get it, so I’ll sell them this crap to shove down their throats. Best case scenario is that it will have a placebo effect and they’ll finally start eating sensibly and maybe even exercising. And I can buy a beach house.”

I don’t know any of these trainers personally. I haven’t done extensive research on any of their products. I know some even claim to be “all natural” which hopefully at the very least means it can’t hurt you. Of course it probably won’t deliver any results either. If there really were a proven method of weight loss in a pill that wasn’t harmful, wouldn’t it be more widely distributed by medical professionals to fight this obesity epidemic? I’m probably naive, but that’s my opinion.

I love helping people. I love answering questions for people who genuinely want to know the answers. I, however, would not be able to promote any kind of magic pill. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have a beach house. Hell, I’d just like to pay off my current house. I’m not greedy. However, I cannot promote something I know for certain doesn’t work.

Do you think these people really believe in the products they’re selling? Do you think they take them? Or do you think they worked for the body they have? Have they convinced themselves they work so they can sleep at night or have they given up and are looking for the money before their celebrity status disappears? Are they sellouts or geniuses?


10 thoughts on “Sellout or Money Making Genius?

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    1. Yep, and then Bob Harper followed suit. It breaks my heart to see this. I keep telling people there is no “quick fix” and then these celebrities come out and make it sound like there is. It breaks my heart. Thanks for reading, Ally!


      1. Unfortunately. In fact, it was one of his ads on facebook that sparked this piece. Don’t stop working hard, girl! We know that’s the only way to get anything worthwhile. πŸ™‚


  1. You named the exact ones I had in mind. And honestly, it was my first thought too: “Why are you screaming and cursing at people on the air telling them there’s no easy solution and now, you’re shoving some ‘easy solution’ at them….?????” I don’t know if I’m more ticked off or saddened by it…. ya know?

    There is no magic pill or easy solution. There is the worthwhile one of making sacrifices and being accountable. Right now, I’m struggling with a gain that I *know* that while due to some health things, also has the component of me just not putting forth the effort. So I need to fix my mind – not pop the latest potion being shilled by some “name”…….


  2. I don’t think most of them actually care what they are promoting as long as the money is right. I’m sure there are some celebrities who genuinely care what they put their name on but th


  3. anyone who knows me or at least reads my blog knows i adore jillian (and bob) but arghhhhhhhh — they’re diet pill connection is like that deep dark secret no one talks about. i wonder why?!?! they both put their money where their mouth is in regards to fitness & healthy eating — why go there with anything other than that!?!?!

    i still love them despite this faux par!


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