So You Think You Can Dance?

photo via Golds Gym

Okay, I’ll admit it. I was right. Okay, fine. You were right too. Those of you who kept encouraging me to try Zumba. Those who said, “seriously, it’s not what you think. It’s SO much fun.”

No matter your size or fitness level, being the new kid (and making a complete fool of yourself) is scary. But, how in the world can I encourage people to “get out of their comfort zone” if I don’t? So, I did.

I joined a new gym (that wasn’t scary, that was awesome!). I selected this particular gym because of the variety of classes it offered, one of which was Zumba. I had planned to go on Friday night after work, but I ended up being about 7 minutes late for the class. (My subconscious at work, I’m sure.) I looked at the schedule for Saturday morning and there was another class at 10:35. This was a class I would have absolutely no excuse to miss. I could still sleep in, have time to eat breakfast, and still show up to class on time.

I arrived a bit early and joined the group that had formed just outside the class as the current class was wrapping up. I was looking around at the diverse crowd. Young, old, heavy, thin…every body type, age, and ethnicity you can imagine. I followed my own advice and made small talk with someone as we entered the room and I secured my spot at the very back of the class. They assured me it would be awesome and this was the best instructor in the entire club. Well, I couldn’t confirm that just yet, but I can tell you that this instructor was HOT!

Without much ado, the class started. I felt like I had been sent to choreography in “So You Think You Can Dance”. She’s gliding and gyrating around quickly and I’m contemplating faking a sudden ankle injury. When the group went left, I went right. When they went right, I just kind of stood there and was like, “wow, an hour of this? Awesome!”

Then I got over myself. I realized that this hot instructor looked JUST LIKE ME after a few beers and some thumping club music (actually, there’s probably a good reason most bars don’t have mirrors near the dance floor). Honestly, I just got over myself. I mean, as long as I’m gyrating gliding and sweating, who really cares what direction I’m doing it in? No one in that class did.

Everyone was so busy doing their own thing they weren’t paying attention to anyone else. If you did happen to make eye contact with someone, there weren’t judgmental glances exchanged. It was more of “oh, god. If I die right here doing the salsa tell my family I love them.”

Zumba was totally out of my comfort zone. Once I sucked it up, I realized it’s a kick ass, super fun work out. And whether I looked as good as that instructor or not doesn’t even matter. Because in my mind, I sure as hell did. And we were SEXY! Arriba!


13 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Dance?

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    1. It is seriously SO MUCH FUN. And I’m mortified of anything that requires choreography. To put that into perspective, it took me like two years to learn the flipping electric slide. Do IT!!!!


  1. LOL this is exactly how my first shot at Zumba went. I chose a spot in the back of the room, in the back row, with all the other first timers who had no clue what they were doing either. Then all the suddon the instructor told everybody to turn around, and VOILA! We were now in the front :/ We all just looked at eachother like WTF?! We picked the back row for a reason. Everyone else just giggled and told us it was okay, they’ve all been there too. I love how nobody judges, it is truely just about having fun!


    1. HA HA! Yes! This happened in my class too! Luckily by that point I was beyond being self conscious and was totally laughing at myself. And can I just tell you, my body is so stinkin’ sore! From my shoulders all the way to my lower back. I’m in good shape…I haven’t been this sore in a LONG time! LOL! Thanks for reading. 🙂


  2. This sounds like my first Zumba experience! (I even had a similar late-so-skip-it experience. Mine went like, “Well, I’m running late so…instead of being the late girl AND the new girl, I’ll just wheeze on the treadmill for an hour…”)

    But my mom is a Zumba instructor, so it’s like, IN MY BLOOD, or something. Pretty sure I’m just ONE more class away from being Ricky Martin.


    1. LOL! Well, if we’re going by what’s in our blood, think Hank Williams Jr “Family Tradition” for me. Oh, we’re dancers all right. But we usually don’t remember much of it. Thanks so much for reading and for the great idea on your blog today. 🙂


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