Screw THAT – What Works For Me Wednesday

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29.9%  – My body fat at my recent evaluation.

110% – My freak out as a result of said body fat %.

1000% – The level of ridiculousness of that freak out.

I’m such a hypocrite. If you came to me upset about a number (on the scale, in your jeans, etc) I would tell you that you are not defined by any number. However, I let that shit define me for two whole weeks. In normal Chrystal fashion, I went straight home and started researching diets to reduce my fat. Dude, I don’t even believe in diets. But I found one, printed it out and wrote out my grocery list. My very supportive husband went to the grocery store and bought every single thing on the list. I was deeply satisfied putting away all that fresh produce. That was it. My fight with my body fat was on and I was going to win.

Then reality set in. Steamed cauliflower, a boiled egg, and a green apple for breakfast? What’s wrong with my plain oatmeal and blueberries? Salads ONLY for lunch and dinner? Well, that’s not sustainable. An unsustainable way of “losing” is against absolutely everything I believe in.

So, I said screw THAT! We ate that produce. I made a fantastic salad. I had it for lunch a couple times last week and I enjoyed it. However, if I knew that was all I was going to eat for the next six weeks I’m pretty sure that salad wouldn’t have tasted so good.

I also stopped reading weight lifting articles. Here’s the deal – lift heavy things. It doesn’t matter if I do splits (legs one day, arms and back another, etc) or if I do full body workouts. Lifting heavy things WILL increase muscle mass. The contradiction of all the information that’s available WILL increase my stress level. Especially when I’ve already put myself into panic mode.

I’m a hypocrite. I was looking for the magic formula to reduce that body fat % (which, by the way, I’m pretty sure 29.9% is inaccurate). I’ve told you there’s no magic pill; no secret formula. Yet, I still went looking for it. I had a momentary lapse of sanity. But, I snapped back to reality and said screw THAT! I don’t need a stinkin number to tell me I’m awesome.



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  1. So glad to have you back to the world of moderation and absence of deprivation! I could not have survived on a diet like that either. I was not born a bunny. 🙂


  2. I fricken love you. You are so hilariously honest. I too struggle with my hypocrisy as I learn to be a Holistic Health Coach…….I had a super, all-out bender while on vacation in CA with some wine and eggs Benedict. (Not at the same time….) I don’t remember the last time I ate eggs Benedict but they were so good I ate them twice. After vacation I felt like a total loser….how could I be any ones health coach and act like this????? After a lot of tears and internal verbal hatred for myself, I realized that my hypocrisy is a good thing! It helps me relate to others as they go through their weight loss adventure, or their eating changes or their mind freakouts, etc. So, here you are, being an awesome, honest hypocrite and I can totally relate to you! Thanks soooooo much!


    1. LOL, Robyn! I love you right back! I think we set such high expectations on ourselves we freak the minute we aren’t perfect. But, duh. We are NOT perfect (I mean, I’m pretty close and I’m guessing you are too…). We need to be kinder to ourselves, don’t we? I had to have a mind cleanse. I barely got on facebook and didn’t log into my blog once over the past week or two. Now I’m over it and kicking ass. BTW, if you need hours for your coaching cert, I’d be happy to be a guinea pig. 🙂


  3. oh how easy it is to be hypocritical when we are *tested*… you know what really works & that a number is just that — a number!
    keep rockin’ it mama!


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