Fitness Freaks That Freak Me Out

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I started my fitness facebook page in May 2011. I was bursting with enthusiasm and had all these fabulous words of inspiration rolling around in my head. However, I was certain not all my friends wanted to hear about it on my personal page, so the fitness page was born. (I even got complaints when my Nike+ updated that I went for a run. Some thought I was “showing off”. Well, duh!) The numbers of fans started creeping up slowly and people I didn’t even know “liked” me. It was exhilirating and I was throwing out little nuggets of wisdom like it was my job. I was inspired by the thought that I might be inspiring others.

I posted a contest – working out for 30 days in a row. That’s when it hit me. I was a fraud. All these people who had “liked” my page were checking in every single day telling me their workout and they really did workout 30 days in a row. I did not. I totally flaked out. But I didn’t feel like I could tell them that. I didn’t want them to be disappointed in me since I was the one that was supposed to be inspiring them. I continuted to be their biggest cheerleader and just avoided posting anything about my own workouts. It made me miserable.

I finally gave in and confessed. I got tons of support from the little facebook community that had been built. I also confessed in my blog about falling off the wagon (several times). Ironically the posts where I open up about my own struggles have been some of my most popular. It’s so exhausting being perfect. So, I stopped pretending to be.

I follow a lot of seriously amazing blogs and facebook pages that are related to fitness and nutrition. There are a few that project this image of perfection. And you know, I get that. We are branding ourselves and it’s hard to be vulnerable enough to tell a big group of strangers that you skipped your workout in favor of your DVR and a 5 gallon bucket of ice cream. Besides, no one wants to hear us complain. Here’s the problem…it gives the reader a totally skewed view of reality. I’m pretty confident that every single person on this planet has had a bad day, a set back, fallen off the wagon, ate a big bag of sugar, or something not otherwise considered healthy.

Get the inspiration you need from these people but understand they are human. Just because we as writers, bloggers, and facebookers are able to project a certain image it doesn’t mean we can be or are that way all the time. I’ve caught myself reading certain updates or posts thinking, “man, she’s awesome. I suck.” Guess what? She IS awesome. But I do NOT suck. No one is perfect even if they seem to be. That is a public image. Don’t let these fitness freaks freak you out. And for the love of fitness, don’t get caught up in thinking success lies in perfection. It lies in persistence.


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  1. Yes, those blog entries where we ‘fess up a bit of ourselves seem to be more popular don’t they? Are we all voyeurs, or do we just enjoy knowing others have similar situations. Probably the latter. 🙂


    1. I think it makes us feel more human. If I see someone that I admire say they skipped a work out just because they didn’t feel like going, I feel normal. If I’m following someone who NEVER misses a beat, I feel like a big fat failure. So, for the love of God, miss a work out to make me feel better! LOL!


  2. My problem is that the stuff I would like to share that’s negative is just way too personal and involves other people (ahem… family members) so I don’t feel it’s my place to broadcast issues involving them on my page to almost 7000 people. I would love to though, I’m sure the support would be amazing and I would welcome it! I feel a little stuck about that sometimes. So I generally stick to the positive. Though I’m quite honest about weight stuff and body image stuff, I just can’t share the real negative parts of my life because it’s just too private.


    1. I TOTALLY understand that and I wouldn’t post anything like that either. I think you ARE honest about body image and weight stuff and I think that’s why you have such a great following. I think it’s okay, though, to admit that you skipped a workout because you just didn’t feel it. Or that you ate something really crappy. The people who appear to never miss a work out and only eat healthy really freak me out. I like to know that they are human too. I also think that it makes fitness and nutrition seem like something that’s attainable to more people when we admit that it’s not all awesome, all the time. LOL! But yeah, broadcasting that super private stuff will lead to nothing good. 🙂


  3. Ate a big bag of sugar… I laughed then realized all the stuff I feel guilty eating a ton of IS sugar (chips, bread, ice cream, cookies, pizza, whatever – lots of sugar!).

    Beyond that revelation, I’ve un-followed too-perfect pages because they’re too perfect and make me feel bad about my progress. Your page is one of the few I follow and love to keep up with!


  4. And this… why I love you. Your honesty! I completely understand how you feel. With wanting to be a Holistic Health Coach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition I feel like I should be or act perfect all the time especially around others. But what I’m learning through school that I have to love all of me. I am learning to become more authentic, accepting the good, the not so good, the cravings, the not wanting to take care of myself, not working out….it’s a challenge to get past these feelings of “perfection” but you said it – more people follow the people that are more like them. So keep on being your awesome, authentic, honest self. We love you for it!


  5. I love people who are real about their journey! On one with some “failures” of my own, but I am learning from them and moving on! Great blog!!! — Mary


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