What Works and What Doesn’t?

Recently, I’ve put on some weight. Admittedly, it has a whole lot to do with my lack of work outs. I had to dump my gym that has the spin classes I love (budget cuts are a real bitch). The change in my routine led to pretty much no routine at all, hence the weight gain.

So, I pull up my big girl panties and decide it’s time to get back to basics and get this weight off and get back in the shape I know I can be in. I start thinking, “Okay, eat healthier. Eat less (a LOT less – step away from the strawberry pop tarts). Work out more.” But what else? I know I had little tricks up my sleeve that I used to drop the pounds. I parked at the back of every parking lot so I had to walk to my destination.

Then I started drawing a blank. What other little nuggets did I do that worked so perfectly? Dammit! I can’t remember.

I attended a business seminar this week. It was of the motivational variety (and it totally kicked ass, by the way). He said that when things are going well, document what you are doing. Down to every.single.detail.

  • What time did you wake up?
  • What did you eat for breakfast?
  • What was your workout?
  • When did you workout?
  • How did you feel?
  • How did you deal with set backs?

The same goes for when things are going poorly. What did you do? Compare the two. What works and what doesn’t? You will only know if you keep track of it. This applies to success in anything! Winners keep score. And dammit, we’re winners!!!! Time to start tracking and get to our goals.


5 thoughts on “What Works and What Doesn’t?

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  1. I’m in the same boat and I realized tonight that it’s in my power to make the changes. Somehow in the last year, I relinquished control of my life to others — be they people, events or circumstances. But no more. So c’mon friend — we can do this!!!


  2. I also gained weight and had to revert back to what helped me to lose weight before. Tracking food and workouts on fitnesspal and sparkpeople keeps me accountable and give me a sense of control on a small part of my life. Be Blessed


  3. We are all in the same boat, Sister! You are on the right track, this whole healthy lifestyle deal-eo is a never-ending journey until the last breath we take , and darn it, we are worth the extra effort it takes to step away from the strawberry Pop-Tarts! (Perfect example for a weak, Pop-Tart-loving soul like myself!) An old boyfriend introduced me to the FIDO principle long ago, which basically says Forgive It and Drive On. It is worth remembering every single day we strive to be better, and yet fail in one little (or big!) way or another. Every day is a new chance to begin again, and it is good to get back on the horse after being thrown off and know that we can begin again and put our fears and guilt and negativity on the curb for the garbage pick-up. Thank you for your inspiration, humor, AND good-for-us kick in the pants! Always a good thing!


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