Changes You Cannot See

I’m sharing the above post with you because it was something I needed to read. And if I needed it, maybe you do too… I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. I think the mindset that Kate discovered was far more powerful than the lower number on her scale.

This is Not a Diet

I have a before and after picture.  I have quite a few of them, actually.  You can see them here if you have not already.  Pretty cool, eh?  Many people have told me I look like a completely different person.  They tell me I look younger.  I am unrecognizable.  100 pounds is a lot of weight, no doubt about it.  I did something many people only dream of doing, and I have the pictures to show for it.

Yes, this is a part of my story, I lost a lot of weight.  I have said this before but it bears repeating, my weight is the least interesting thing about me.

As time passes, I become more and more aware of the other changes that have taken place, the ones nobody can see.  These changes are so much more meaningful and profound than my smaller size that I begin to…

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