Resolving To Be Awesome In 2013 – Guest Post by SwimBikeMom

I am thrilled to bring you today’s guest post by Meredith Atwood of She is an incredible inspiration and totally hilarious. She has serious goals without taking herself to seriously.


Every New Year, I found myself looking at the same body and getting mad.  Each year, I would make a list:

1) lose 1000 pounds;

2) fit into jeans from the 80’s;

and 3) wear bikini by summer.

And then at the end of EACH year, I would scream and hate myself, saying, “I can’t believe that an entire year has been “wasted” and I still look…like… this.”  Uggggh.  (There might have been some flailing and cursing too. Just saying.)

Things began to change for me in 2010 when I found the sport of triathlon.  While I still really don’t love the way I look, triathlon has been a welcomed change to the standard, empty look-better resolutions. Therefore my one resolution for 2013 has been: NO RESOLUTIONS.


Instead of resolving to not do things, I now set goals. Big, nasty, huge goals, and I work on completing those.  And that’s it.

I would love (love) to wear a bikini this summer, but I would much rather finish my big race –Ironman—in June than wear the bikini.  I am working on focusing on what matters (being healthy), instead of that which really, in the end game, doesn’t matter (wearing bikini).

For 2013, let’s all think about the things we can accomplish. The big goals we’d like to achieve.  Instead of thinking about the things we shouldn’t do (Stop eating this! Stop doing that!), let’s turn our eyes to what we should do… and what we can do.

Be grateful for the great things that our bodies can achieve… the bodies that look just like they do. Right now.

Instead of cursing my fat rear end, I’m turning my eyes forward…towards the big things I will achieve in 2013.  That, somehow, feels a lot more happy than any bikini.thumbnail

Meredith Atwood is a wife, attorney, author and blogger at  Her book, Triathlon for the Every Woman, was just released and is available on Amazon, Amazon Europe and in Kindle editions.  She’s finished two half Ironmans, and is tackling Ironman Coeur d’Alene in June of this year.


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