Back to Basics – Breaking Up With Fitness Mags

Dear Fitness Magazines, I’m sick of your shit. I’ve written before that it seems like the more I learn, the less I know and I feel like I’ve reached the bottom of my dumbing down. Although to say I’m “learning” from you is ridiculous. Oh, sure, back when I had no clue what I was doing, I certainly learned a few things. But now that I do know a few things, I know enough to know most of what you write is total bullshit. Your information is conflicting. You’re funded by advertising dollars from companies like diet pills. DIET PILLS! How can you try to convince me to get in shape when your pages are covered with ads for quick fixes? And I KNOW stuff! What about the poor women out there without the benefit of some basic fitness and nutrition knowledge? Those who feel they have tried everything and failed? Of course they failed! If they could get their shit together by applying what was in your pages, they wouldn’t need your magazines anymore, right?

You try to convince me that I can be long and lean like Gwyneth Paltrow. Guess what? I’m five foot frigging four. There is nothing LONG about me. I can try the Tracy Anderson Method every day for the rest of my life and I will NOT be LONG! The beautiful Gwyneth is five foot nine. Yep, she’s long alright. Regardless of what workout she does, she’ll continue to be long. Regardless of what workout I do, I won’t look like I’m five foot nine.

You try to convince me that something is wrong and unsightly about cellulite and stretch marks by completely removing any evidence of them from your pages. I don’t know a single woman in real life – not a single one – that doesn’t have SOME kind of stretch marks, cellulite, or any other kind of mark proving their humanness.  Guess what? Even my kids had cellulite when they were babies. Gasp! Oh the world would probably revolt if you featured cellulite dimpled women on your pages. But that’s only because you have completely avoided putting them there since the beginning of time.

The “curvy” girls you feature – well, a size 6 instead of a 2 or 4 isn’t really curvy. Kim Kardashian is curvy. You’ve tried to tell me she’s a size 4. I call bullshit on that too. I’ve been a size 4 and she’s at LEAST a 10, if not a 12. (Have you EVER been jeans shopping?! There’s no way a size 4 would fit over her ass. I’ve got all kinds of ass, so I know of what I speak!) There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a 10 or 12. Nothing. However, you’ve spent so much time brainwashing me with your photo shopped images that a size 10 seems like something negative. I’d like to know how you convinced me that my current size (an 8 for those of you wondering) is something to be ashamed of. Yep, ashamed. I recently had to go up to a larger size and when I saw the number 8 in the dressing room, I was sick to my stomach. REALLY? Well, I blame you! But I am revoking that power you have over me. YOU don’t get to decide how I feel about my body. Not anymore.

Signed, Enlightened (Former) Reader

PS – If your methods worked so well, why do you have to photo shop all the models on your pages?

PPS – What’s that? You’re confused about what I mean? Well, luckily I have taken a few photos of some of your ridiculous and unobtainable headlines.


Let me get this straight? I’m going to have a “Hot Summer Body” in 4 weeks? That’s a mighty hefty claim considering you have NO idea where I’m starting. What if I weighed 300 pounds? I promise you, 4 weeks will not be long enough to give me a “hot summer body”. Furthermore, a safe amount of weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week. At most, I should lose 8 pounds on your 4 week program, not 10. If you don’t think that’s a big difference, just ask those who live by the number on the scale as a result of brainwashing. By the way, “Fast” is a relative and confusing term causing many to give up their fight if they don’t see results in the first week or two.


Really now? My dream body in just 2 weeks? TWO weeks? Oh please, do tell! Because thanks to your images, my dream body is about 30 pounds lighter with absolutely no cellulite whatsoever. I’m just going to guess that nothing about that dream will come true.


NEVER fall short of a goal again? NEVER? Well, either my goals will suck, or this is another example of your total bullshit. People fail all the time. By making them think that “failing” is something bad is, in and of itself, a failure. Your cover fell short of its goal to motivate me.


You. Cannot. Spot. Train.

The End.


7 thoughts on “Back to Basics – Breaking Up With Fitness Mags

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  1. I like that you called them out on some of these false claims. I prefer to read the stories of real families making lifestyle changes to improve their health and their weight. USA Today has a nice series on this. That being said, I do like the recipes in Fitness Magazine.


    1. REAL people would be awesome and I will definitely check out that series.

      To say I haven’t learned some things from these mags would be a false statement. I definitely have. There are also things I do enjoy. But their cover stories, quick fixes, photo shopped images, etc all could go and be replaced with some realistic info for real people. I think most women could use a good dose of reality, not empty promises that set them up for failure. Imagine if we were “brainwashed” with reality and not quick fixes? That would be SO freaking awesome. BTW, I like a lot of the recipes too. That’s something that would stay on the keep list if I were made editor for a day. 🙂


  2. “You. Cannot. Spot. Train.

    The End.”

    Ha. This made my day! So true. You also can’t “tone.” What’s that about? What does tone mean? You can get strong. And the muscle will come through once your muscle burns through some of the extra fat.

    I also hate how fashion magazines almost shame anyone with a less-than-perfect body (which is probably how most of us feel) can’t enjoy summertime (or whatever time) because we don’t look good enough to enjoy it. That drives me crazy.

    I actually can’t think of one thing I’ve ever learned from a fashion magazine (aside from self-hate and setting unrealistic expectations). I’m not even that impressed with most recipes. Although, I haven’t bought a fashion mag in about five years. And I don’t miss them.


    1. LOL! Kelly, tone is on my list of things to write about! You are so right. And although I have subscriptions to 4 or 5 different magazines, I will definitely not be renewing my subscriptions. 🙂


  3. You are good! Loved this and you said it to perfection! As a Beachbody coach I do get a little upset with their infomercials when they show a 300lb man that appears to lose 100lbs in 60 days. The results are real but he proboay did that program 3 times. In fairness they did show a lady that did a 60 day program for 120 days and it showed echo round but sometimes they even stretch it. But the products do work. Anyway. Thanks for your insight. To nailed it!


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