No Longer Boxed In

Corrugated shipping container, one type of &qu...
Corrugated shipping container, one type of “cardboard box” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been blogging for a few years now. Hell, who hasn’t, right? It started with a fitness blog. I had lost weight and gained a passion for all things fitness and nutrition. I spent hours upon hours learning all about it and sharing what I was learning. I wrapped myself up in a neat little fitness package. So, it won’t be hard to imagine what happened when I started gaining weight at a ridiculously rapid pace. The identity I had created for myself came crumbling down around me like stale cake. At first I was pissed at myself, which quickly turned to shame. How could I have let this happen to me? The real question I should have been asking was how did I allow my entire identity to revolve around my appearance.

I decided to change the blog up and write about different things, eventually even changing to a new blog address or two. Naturally, I lost many of the blog followers I had gained. The ones who had come to me for fitness advice didn’t really care much about my kids or other shit that was happening in my life that I thought I might want to write about. What I was missing, however, was ME. In listening to the online advice I found regarding how to become a successful blogger, I thought my blog needed a “focus”. But, I’m so much more than just a fitness “expert” who gained back weight. I’m more than a Mom with funny anecdotes about my kids. Or a wife or employee. I’m a culmination of all those things who needs to have the freedom to write about whatever is on my mind, not confined to some tiny box dictated by blogging experts.

So, here I am in a much bigger box titled “Chrystal Getz” where you will learn my side of things.


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