Easy Rider


I got this sweet ride for Mother’s Day. It’s a Huffy Cruiser and the only things missing are a bell and a basket for the front (and perhaps some streamers). It’s absolutely adorable and I was crazy excited to get it! I posted this photo on Facebook (of course) and one of my friends thought I was kidding and it was something we had actually bought for one of our daughters. Nope! This baby is ALL mine!!!!

Some may laugh or even scoff at this little treasure while leaving me in the dust of their fancy mountain bikes or speed bikes or whatever it is that serious fitness freaks ride. I don’t know anything about road bikes (although I do own cycle shoes from my serious spinning days) but I know this bike makes me happy.

I love it, in part, because it perfectly describes where I am with my fitness right now. I’m working on being consistent, but not killing myself. I’m pushing, but not going overboard. I’m working on finding my happy place because really what’s a healthy body without the healthy attitude to go with it? 

This bike represents balance. It reminds me that fitness can be fun and I don’t have to take myself so seriously. I don’t have to kill myself in a spin class and eat spinach for a week to be fit. On the other hand (brace yourself because this part sucks), I also can’t sit on the couch and eat all the time and expect to look like a super model.

I rode this bike for more than an hour the first opportunity I had and didn’t realize I was sweating until after the ride was over. I know my heart rate increased because I raced my daughter up a hill (she won). I also know that she said it was “such a great day” because we got out and “did stuff” (not just because she won!). We moved, we got sweaty, and we had fun.

This bike represents me. It’s girly and quirky and fun and not so serious, but it gets the job done. Oh, and it has a big seat.

Sure, this may be just the push I need to really get into riding and end up with a more “serious” bike. But I’ve learned that just because I can’t do something all the way, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it. I’ve fallen victim to the all or nothing way of thinking all my life. If I was going to take a spin class then I needed to go 3 times a week, buy spin shoes, and end up teaching the class. If I was going to lift weights, I should buy gloves, study strength training, and end up being a personal trainer.

Fortunately, to be healthy we don’t have to be that serious. If we choose, 30 minutes a day of the right kind of exercise is enough. Eating right without complete deprivation is enough. Right now for where I am and where I want to be, this bike is enough. And so am I.



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