“Sometimes, your body will whisper to you that it’s time to get healthy: shortness of breath, needing to lean on the bed for support while putting on a pair of pants. Sometimes, it will shout it from the rooftops: about of illness or a sudden injury.” Bonnie Matthews

I came across this quote just recently in Experience Life magazine and it brought me to my knees. Not literally, of course, because my knees have been really achy. In fact, I’ve been noticing all kinds of aches and pains lately that were NEVER there before. Bending over to tie my shoes is suddenly harder. Rebounding from picking something up off the floor isn’t happening as quickly. My movements have slowed and it’s kind of really freaking me out. I’m young and just a few, short years ago was in the best shape of my life!

This article was from the June 2013 issue. I’m usually pretty good about recycling or donating old magazines so I was surprised to even find this in my house. I was more surprised that I picked it up and flipped it open right to this article and the opening words “Sometimes, your body will whisper to you that it’s time to get healthy.” I realized that those aches and pains were my body whispering but I wasn’t listening. This article just turned up the volume.

I’ve been trying to come to terms with a more healthy way to lose weight. For me, it’s surprisingly hard to work out for “my health” rather than to lose weight. Like many women, I’ve been brainwashed by the weight loss industry. I will be beautiful, once I lose weight. I will be happy, once I lose weight. My life will be perfect, once I lose weight. Who wouldn’t want to be all of those things? So I, like many, approach it as a race to get there.

The trouble with that thinking, aside from just generally being f’d up? You will be NONE of those things once you lose weight if you aren’t already all of those things. So then starts the start, fail, stop cycle. You start losing weight, you fall off the wagon, and you stop trying. All the while your weight is going up and down, up and down, up and up and up. THIS is extremely hard on the body and it eventually begins revolting: first as a whisper and gradually as loudly as an ignored child.

I don’t like feeling this way. Ageing has always kind of freaked me out a little. Well, not ageing as much as looking old and certainly feeling old. If that isn’t motivation enough for me to start working out regularly then my warped way of thinking regarding my weight is the least of my problems. I need to work out to regain my vitality, flexibility, and to relieve all this freaking achiness!

Things shouldn’t hurt from sitting too long, or laying too long, or standing too long.

I’ve always said I want to live a life with no regrets. I will own all my decisions – even the bad ones. But the decision to sit on my ass and do nothing while my body keeps score, I don’t want to own that anymore.

“Respect your body, it’s the only one you get.” New decisions are in order because while the old girl is whispering now, I have control over shutting her down or her getting louder. Guess which one I pick?

*originally written for The Well Written Woman


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