What the Heck Went Wrong?

“What the heck am I doing wrong?”

That’s the question I keep asking myself. Over the last couple of years I’ve gained weight. More than I actually lost several years ago if you’ve been around for a while. It was so easy to lose the first time. No, seriously. It was. So, what the heck am I doing wrong now? Why am I carrying around these extra pounds that have clung onto me like a spider monkey?

So, I thought maybe I’d go through my very own blog to see what kind of “words of wisdom” I had previously shared that might help me now. The first thing I noticed? I blogged ALL the time and I Facebooked like crazy. As soon as I missed a month or two on the blog, my weight went up. Missed a couple of months in a row? My weight went up. Once I stopped blogging altogether, my weight sky rocketed.frustrated-look-1474618Making fitness such a big part of my life was one piece of my success puzzle. At times, I have to admit it became pretty overwhelming. All I could think about was new things to write about, funny tidbits to post on Facebook, and finding new exercises and nutrition tips to share. It went from being enjoyable to being a job and so I stopped. But I stopped it ALL completely. I stopped writing (which I enjoy), I stopped sharing on Facebook, and I stopped taking care of myself altogether. Silly girl!

So, what if I work out just a reasonable amount? And write when the urge hits me and not worry about losing readers because I’m not on a specific schedule? And maybe Facebook once in a while. Will that work? Can I actually do it without obsessing about it? There’s only one way to find out…


2 thoughts on “What the Heck Went Wrong?

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  1. Ummmm….duh YES you can, because you are one of the strongest and most influential women I know and I have no doubt in my mind you can do it. Now just give me a little bit of that will power and you and I will both be in HOG HEAVEN!


  2. Yes. Yes, you can. People like what you have to say. We can wait. You are an inspiration. Look at the bright side….you’ve done it once. Some of us have never made it that far. You’ll get there again.


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