Mom, I Read Your Blog

“Mom, I read your blog.”

Uuuuhhhh…..what? *Searches memory for things I shouldn’t have said to strangers, much less my children. Mentally scan word count for all the foul language. Remember all the whining and crying I did about gaining weight. Boo Hoo*


“Oh you did? What did you think?” I said, hesitantly.

My twelve year old and her friend (HER FRIEND!!) read through all of the posts, but focused on the ones that were specifically about her. “Yeah, I read it out loud to her and we cracked up. We thought it was hilarious. I don’t even remember doing that stuff in the mirror. You should really write more.”

This made me think of two things. First of all, the internet is forever, y’all. My kids are reading stuff I wrote more than five years ago. When the twelve year old was bragging about reading all my stuff, the fifteen year old said in her very bored tone, “I subscribed to Mom’s blog a long time ago.” Luckily I haven’t written anything I’m ashamed of but it is out there for the world to read. Forever. That’s a good reminder for all of us.

Second, my youngest had no recollection of admiring herself in the mirror as I described in her favorite post but it made a huge impression on me. What things am I doing that I don’t even think about that are having huge impacts on my kids? Have you ever heard your kids tell a story about something you did and it sounded so much worse than it really was? Yeah. Perception is reality. What kind of reality are you giving your kids and all the other people around you?

It was a great reminder that 1. My kids are watching, not just reading, everything I do. What do I want them to see? Do I want to be an example or a warning? 2. I should maybe cuss a little less. 3. I should write more because apparently I’m hilarious.





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