Relaxation Is Harder Than It Looks

If you’ve never done yoga, at the end of each class you do the “corpse pose” (also known as savasana). This is lying flat on your back in a completely relaxed position, arms at your side, being as still as a “corpse” and focusing on breathing. About ten minutes into every yoga class I’ve ever taken I think, “okay, that was nice. But I’m ready to just lie still and really relax.”


HA! As if!! I took a yoga class today. We get to the end and it’s time for corpse pose and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve laid down, all of my muscles are relaxed, and I’m letting my body “sink into the earth”.

Cue my brain. “Oh this is so nice. It feels so good to lay here. I could probably fall asleep in like ten seconds because I’m so relaxed after that great class… What’s for dinner? OMG did my stomach just growl? Oh, when I’m laid out like this my stomach is almost flat. But, of course so are my boobs. Why won’t my whole back touch the floor? The lower part is totally arched and lifted up. Is it because my butt is too big, creating that arch in my lower back? Is anyone else having this problem? Is it actually possible to lay wrong? Is that a basketball I hear? Ah, yes, definitely a basketball. Sounds like a basketball game, actually. I should have played a sport when I was younger. I bet I’d be more motivated to work out now if I had played a sport as a kid. But, I’ve never really been athletic. Can a person become athletic? Tacos. We’re having tacos for dinner. Husband said he’d have them ready when I get home if I picked up our youngest from gymnastics. Oh, I wonder if I could have ever done gymnastics? I could do a round off in the 5th grade. What was the name of that 5th grade teacher I loved so much? Mrs. White. Oh how I loved her. That was the year the space shuttle Challenger blew up. Gosh that was sad. Are there two basketball games going on right now? Must be playing half court. Am I too old to learn a sport?….”

Yoga instructor: “Go ahead and start to slowly wake up your body…”

Crap. Maybe next time I can get into that whole mediation thing. Do you practice yoga? How long did it take you to let go and meditate?


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  1. Yep!!!! Either my monkey mind goes into overdrive ….. or I fall asleep to the point of light snoring. Nothing ever in the middle… only me!


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